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From: Steve Harrison

Dear Author (or Future Author

Imagine this .... you're sorting through your mail at the end of the day.

At first, it looks like the usual pile of bills, magazines, and catalogs.  But suddenly, you see it…it’s the envelope you’ve been waiting for…the one from that large company you’ve been talking to over the last few weeks.  You open the envelope and after a few seconds, you let out a GREAT BIG SHOUT!    

You start jumping up and down because you can’t believe it's a purchase order from a large company for 20,000 copies of your book!  

You’ll get plenty of cash up front to pay the printing bill and, unlike when you sell to bookstores, once you ship the books they can't be returned.   You’ll finally be able to treat yourself and the ones you love to that special car, house, or vacation trip you’ve been dreaming about for so long.  Plus, the friends and relatives who were skeptical -- or perhaps even downright critical -- back when you first said you were going to write a book, are utterly amazed at your progress.  Now they're saying they knew all along you'd be successful with your book.  

Six months later, receive another order for 20,000 books from the same company!  Now your friends and family really can’t believe it!   Over the next few months, you start getting a stream of email and letters from people around the world.  Each person has their own story, but there’s a common theme:  “Thanks for making such a huge difference in my life.”

Publicity, speaking engagements and sponsorship deals now come to you seemingly “out of the blue.”  

The above scenario is not a fairy tale.

It's happened time-and-time again to my friend, Matthew Bennett, and it can happen to ANY non-fiction author who learns Matthew's system for selling books by the truckload to large companies. 

Keep reading, and you’ll soon find out about other authors who have sold hundreds of thousands of copies of their book using this simple, straight-forward strategy.

I'm Steve Harrison and what I'm about to reveal to you could change your life forever. I’ve dedicated the past 20 years of my life to helping authors and entrepreneurs promote their books, products and services.

I’ve been responsible directly or indirectly for getting more than 12,000 people -- including 9,300 authors -- booked on radio and TV talk shows, which is more than any PR firm on the planet.

As publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR), I've helped launch such bestselling books as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Worst Case Scenario series, the Finish Rich series, and the Dummies series to name just a few.

I also publish Book Marketing Update, the leading newsletter for book marketers. Every year, I present the National Publicity Summit in New York, where I open my personal Rolodex and give 100 publicity-seekers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet face-to-face with producers, editors and journalists from shows like Good Morning America, Time Magazine, Family Circle, Live with Regis and Kelly, ABC’s 20/20, Dateline NBC, CNN, Fox News and more than 100 others.

"What's the quickest and easiest way to
sell a lot of books?"

When I work with authors in my seminars and coaching programs, there’s one question they ask more than any other, “Steve, what’s the quickest and easiest way for me to sell a lot of books?”

My author clients usually ask the question because they've become very frustrated trying to market through traditional bookstores. It's tough to get a book distributor and, even if you're lucky enough to get one, you'll find it almost impossible to get any one store to stock more than a handful of copies. Then, if your book doesn't instantly fly off the shelves, the stores will quickly return them for full credit. It's an ugly system and a very tough way to make a living.

After I explain all that to my non-fiction author clients, I tell them the good news which is …

It's usually much easier and more profitable to sell 10,000 books to ONE big organization than to get 10,000 people to each buy your book in a bookstore

In fact, I know some authors who sell few (if any) books through Barnes & Noble and other traditional bookstores, yet make very healthy six-figure incomes because they've developed a handful of large corporations who buy their books in quantity on a regular basis. Keep reading for lots of examples…

Now, if you're like many of my clients, you might be wondering….

Why would a company buy YOUR book in mass quantity – especially if you're an unknown,
self-published author?

There are lots of reasons. Here are just a few…

Many big companies offer books as "premium incentives" to encourage people to buy a particular product, much like your favorite magazine might offer you a clock, t-shirt or other bonus when you renew your subscription.

Recently, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe near my home. I was just going to get a bottle of vitamins, when the store clerk showed me a book called The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin.  He said, “If you buy another bottle, you'll get a free book.” This is an example of how companies (in this case, Vitamin Shoppe) use free book giveaways to drive sales. They obviously bought a truckload of books from the publisher at a steep discount and then gave the books away to increase sales.

Some companies also buy books to give to their customers as "thank you gifts." Other firms buy books in quantity to train or inspire their employees. There are a slew of other reasons too.

It's not as hard as you might think to land these kinds of super-lucrative deals -- IF you know how the corporate market really works. Companies purchase mass quantities of books in ALL kinds of categories.

What kinds of books are sold through special sales?

All kinds. And you don't have to be a famous author or have a well-known book. In fact, let me tell you a true story about how...

This author sold 120,000 books
with one phone call!

An author named Dr. Neil Baum wrote a book titled Marketing Your Clinical Practice. He tried different ways of promoting the book and getting distribution, but he soon grew frustrated. He tried and tried with no luck.

Then he thought maybe a big pharmaceutical company might want to buy his book in mass quantity and give it away to doctors as a gift. You see, pharmaceutical companies have very strict regulations on what they're allowed to give to doctors. But educational products were not a problem.

So Dr. Baum contacted the Bayer company and asked if they'd like to give his book away to their customers (doctors) as a way of showing appreciation for their patronage. Within a week, Bayer purchased over 120,000 copies of his book and sent it to doctors around the country. Today, his book is on the shelf of virtually every medical clinic in the U.S.

And it all happened from just one phone call!

These kinds of deals happen all the time. But until now I bet no one has really taken you by the hand, shown you the ropes, and taken you step-by-step through the process of making it happen…until now.


“Will this work for my book?” you ask

Big companies and organizations buy ALL types of nonfiction books.  I highly recommend this strategy for ANY nonfiction book that is well written and benefits the reader in some way. 

Would your book make a good gift for a certain type of person?  If so, you can sell it by the truckload!

If your book is on ONE of these topics, you
should be selling it by the truckload!

Books on all kinds of topics have been successfully sold in mass quantity.  Below is a list – in no particular order – of different topic categories which have proven to be successful:

  • Health -- Does a book title like Lifestyles of The Trim and Healthy, sound all that unique? I don’t think so. But even though Matthew Bennett is not a medical doctor, he wrote the book, and sold 50,000 copies to a company who wanted to give it away to help sell an infomercial diet plan.
  • Christian -- One of the big reasons Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life has sold so many millions of copies was he focused on selling it by the truckload.  Churches around the country placed large orders for the books which they then made available to their members.
  • Relationships -- Cindy Cashman has sold more than a million copies of her book Everything Men Know About Women. She did it primarily by getting women’s clothing stores to buy her book in mass quantity.
  • Self Help -- Did you know more than 1.1 million copies of Albert Ellis' book, Guide to Rational Living had been sold largely to groups of psychologists and self help groups?
  • Motivational / Inspirational -- Charles “Tremendous” Jones, a well-known motivational speaker had a successful business for many years simply selling his motivational books in mass quantity to companies.  They’d buy the books and give them to their salespeople in order to keep them motivated. 
  • Nutrition -- The Vitamin Shoppe did a special promotion around Jordan Rubin’s
    The Maker's Diet.  As an incentive to get customers to buy two bottles of vitamins instead of one, they offered a free copy of Rubin’s book:  buy two bottles of vitamins and get a free book!
  • Parenting -- Matthew Bennett sold more than 3 million copies of his book The Maternal Journal to Ross Labs.  They used it as an incentive to get people to enroll in their “Welcome Addition Club.”
  • Business  -- Did you know AT&T offered free copies of a book called Maxi Marketing to anyone who called in to listen to their sales pitch for AT&T's solutions for direct marketers? They ran full-page ads offering the book to dozens of business magazines.
  • Photography -- The Colorado Scenic Calendar ... does that sound like a book destined to sell tons of copies to companies? I don't think so. Yet Coors beer bought 100,000 copies of it to give to their distributors who then gave it as a gift to their key accounts.
  • Inspirational -- Matthew Bennett sold 80,000 copies of his book, In a Child's Eyes. In fact he did it just on one phone call. And he'll be teaching you how you can do it too.
  • Memoir / Autobiography -- Working Woman Magazine wanted to encourage people to subscribe so they gave copies away of Boss Lady, an autobiography of advertising executive Jo Foxworth.  
  • Cookbooks --  Bamberger's department store bought 50,000 copies of a cookbook titled A Taste for German Cooking.  They used it to promote their store at Oktoberfest celebrations.
  • Careers -- Coors Brewing Company purchased 165,000 copies of the book, Getting Hired, by Edward J. Rogers, and distributed them on college campuses across America as part of their continuing promotion to the youth market.
  • Travel -- Kellogg's wanted to increase sales of Mueslix cereal. So, what did they do? They gave away copies of Fodor’s Touring Europe with proofs of purchase.  Proctor and Gamble purchased copies of Great American Vacations to promote – of all things – Pepto-Bismol.
  • Pets -- Matthew Bennett sold 300,000 copies of The Puppy Journal.   He also sold 300,000 copies of The Kitten Journal.  And he didn’t even have a pet!
  • Senior Living -- Linda and Robert Kalian's book, The Best Free Things for Seniors. They’ve sold over 1 million copies, largely through “special sales” to companies like Publisher’s Clearing House, who bought 100,000 copies of their book to use as a free giveaway.
  • Finance -- Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has sold truckloads of books to MLM companies.  Since his book encourages people to get into some kind of business for themselves, MLM distributors buy the book in mass quantity and make it available to people in their downline. In fact, early sales of his book in quantity to Amway was one of the keys to making his book so well known and catapulting it the New York Times Best Seller list where he's been for more than six years now.
  • Local Interest -- Judy Dugan sold 5,000 copies of her self-published book, Santa Barbara Highlights and History, to a bank in Santa Barbara who gave it away as part of the celebration for the opening of a new branch.
  • Gift books -- Reader’s Digest Condensed Books gave away 750,000 copies of Judith King’s book, The Greatest Gift Guide Ever, as a premium to motivate people to sign up for their book club.
  • Technical -- Robert Mastin of Aegis Publishing Group, publishes books on telecommunications. He’s said while he may only sell 2,000 copies of a single title through bookstores, it’s not uncommon for him to sell 50,000 copies of his books to a single phone company.
  • How to -- Rita Emmett is passionate about helping people learn how to stop procrastinating.  She sold more than 100,000 copies of her book in the first 14 months.  She was helped by selling 8,000 copies to an Amway distributor, and another 8,000 copies to Nutrition for Life, another multi-level marketing company.
  • Sports -- Coldwater Creek (a woman’s clothing store!) placed a big order for a book titled The Love of Baseball.  They displayed it prominently among the women’s clothing as a possible gift item women could buy for men.  It was one of only two books being offered in the entire store! 
  • Psychology / Mental Improvement -- Roger Van Oech sold 2,000 copies of his self-published book, A Whack on the Side of the Head, to IBM to use in their training programs, and he’s done this kind of bulk sales many times.
  • Prevention -- Bill and Janet Liebsch are on a mission to help Americans prepare for disasters and emergencies. They’ve sold more than 300,000 copies of their self-published book, It’s A Disaster! to government agencies that give it away and use it as a community education tool. For example, Washington DC’s Department of Homeland Security recently ordered 15,000 copies to distribute.
  • Non-fiction That Benefits A Certain Group of People -- That’s really the only thing the above examples have in common.   If your book offers real value to a certain segment of the market, you can sell it by the truckload

If these authors succeeded, why can't you too? 

Matthew Bennett’s success at selling 5 million copies of his self-published books, and the above examples prove you don’t need to be famous or well known.  You don’t need to have a major publisher behind you.

You only need three things to sell your books by the truckload. 

The first thing you need is a strong desire to succeed.  Second, you need an open mind so you can learn how to do it. And lastly, you just need a book that will benefit people in some way.   It’s just that simple.

Here are some of the advantages of selling books in quantity to large organizations vs. the traditional bookstore approach

Advantage #1 - You sell books faster and easier. Instead of selling books one-by-one to consumers through middlemen, you just have to convince one person to place one order for a large number of your books.

Advantage #2Easier to make money. I know many authors who've quietly mastered this approach and make a six- or seven-figure income annually.

Advantage #3No returns. While bookstores can typically return any or all of your books for full credit, most special sales deals are done on a non-returnable basis.

Advantage #4Get paid up-front. Done right, with special sales you get paid BEFORE you even print the books, rather than waiting for months on end to get paid by bookstores. This means you only pay the printing bill after you sell the books.

Advantage #5Viral marketing. The company that buys your books endorses you to their customers and employees around the world. If you think about it, the company is paying to tell others about you, which makes this another form of viral marketing.

Advantage #6Raise money for charity. You can do deals to raise money for charity while you're selling books and making money (just like Matthew Bennett does, keep reading…).

How a single guy without any kids
sold 3 million maternity books

Matthew Bennett


If you think you have to be well known or have a lot of credentials before companies will take your book seriously enough to buy it in massive quantities, think again.

Matthew Bennett had been working with the California Special Olympics for more than five years and was looking for a change. One night he was talking to an OB/GYN over dinner about the horrible level of infant mortality in the United States. When he started asking questions, the good doctor said to him, “Well, it's nice you're concerned, but there's certainly nothing you can do about it.”

That's not something you should ever say to Matthew.

He decided right then and there that somehow, some way he was going to do something about the problem.  So he did a little research and learned that the March of Dimes campaign for healthier babies was THE preeminent charitable organization working to boost prenatal education in the United States.

That led to his creating an informative, upbeat maternity guide that would help mothers with newborns chronicle their experiences and help them care for their babies in the best possible way. The result was his first book, The Maternal Journal. He set a dream goal for himself. He decided he wanted to sell 1 million books and raise $100,000 for the March of Dimes. But he didn't know at first how he was going to do it.

So he first started trying to sell books the traditional way. But he soon grew frustrated with sales, distribution, and all the other headaches of dealing with bookstores. He couldn't see how he was going to sell millions of books that way.

He then realized he could achieve his goal much more quickly and make an even bigger impact by selling the book in mass quantities to companies and organizations who might want to give it away as a premium. He arranged the deals so that the March of Dimes made money on every sale.

But this idea – as great as it was – proved to be more difficult at first than he figured it would be. He stumbled many times and made a lot of mistakes back then because he had never done anything like this. He had trouble figuring out who to contact. Even when he found the right person at a particular company, they might say, “Nice idea…we'll think about it.” He didn't have a mentor to show him the ropes.

After a long time of not seeming to get anywhere, he learned from his mistakes and changed how he approached companies and what he offered them. As a result, he perfected his system and sold more than 3 million copies of The Maternal Journal and The Baby Journal to Ross Labs and Babies ‘R Us. Those books were featured in/on People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Hard Copy, The Joan Rivers Show, and many other media.

But something else was “born” in the process: a whole new way of selling books.

He began writing other books. He applied this same system to sell these books in mass quantity over and over. He created The Puppy Journal and The Kitten Journal, which offer new pet owners answers to their most common questions in a lively, fact-filled format. The entire initial run of 300,000 copies was distributed by Veterinary Centers of America as part of a national education program aimed at new pet owners, helping them raise healthy dogs and cats.

Then Matthew created another book called Lifestyles of the Trim and Healthy. He sold over 350,000 copies to companies like Reebok and many medical facilities, health fairs and diet programs that use it as a value-added, gift-with-purchase item.

Another book which he wrote titled, In a Child's Eyes, is an inspirational book with photographs. He sold more than 80,000 copies to Aetna to give away as a gift-incentive to encourage parents to have their toddlers properly immunized. Sales of this book supported the National Paralysis Foundation.

Matthew has perfected his methods to sell over
5 million books … close deals with many Fortune 500 companies … raise more than $1 million for charity … and help lots of people around the world!

Matthew has used his system to sell or distribute books among a wide variety of companies including Reebok, Disney, Starwood Hotels, Pfizer, Babies ‘R Us, Subway, Domino's, Macy's, Proctor & Gamble, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Sony, Chevron, Arm & Hammer, Reader's Digest, Ross Labs, Wells Fargo Bank, US Healthcare, Aetna Healthcare, UCLA (and many other universities), Bayer, Samsonite, Veterinary Centers of America, Abbott Labs, Merial, Bellini, A Pea in a Pod, Discus Dental, dozens of charities, dozens of religious institutions, dozens of expos and conventions, over twenty catalogs, several infomercials, dozens of magazines, thousands of doctors/dentists/veterinary offices, dozens of gyms, and hundreds of small stores which sell everything from maternity clothing to electronics.

One of the things I like and admire about Matthew is that he's very passionate about helping others. His personal mission statement is “to have a permanent, positive effect on as many people as possible.”

In fact, whenever he sells a book in mass quantity to a company he always makes sure that a nonprofit charity will receive some of the proceeds. He has raised over $1 million for charity largely through the book deals he's been able to put together with such charitable organizations as: American Heart Association, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, National Paralysis Foundation, American Cancer Society, Child Abuse Prevention Center, American Diabetes Association, National Parenting Center, President's Council on Physical Fitness, and many others. He's going to show you how you can sell tons of books, make huge sums of money and ethically raise a lot of money for charity – all at the same time.

Let Matthew show you how to apply his
proven system by enrolling in the
"Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program."

The good news is Matthew has now agreed to teach his system over a series of five telephone seminars (two hours each with roughly the first half on instruction and the second half spent on answering your questions). The program also includes two optional bonus Q&A teleseminars, two one-on-one consultations with Matthew and more (see below). 

This is the ideal chance for anyone who missed the seminar to learn to sell 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 or more copies of your book to a company or organization.  

By participating in our Sell Books By the Truckload Coaching Program, you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home or office.  You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback and learn from what others are doing as Matthew interacts with the other participants.

This is NOT going to be a program where you just get a lot of information. This is going to be a very action-packed, hands-on, interactive training program. It's been designed and carefully planned to literally transform your life and your whole approach to selling books. Although you may not know anything about how to sell books in mass quantities to companies and nonprofits right now, you're sure to come out of it with more than merely a thorough knowledge of how to do it. You'll have the confidence and tools and game plan you need to actually DO it.

Out of all the people I could choose to be the main trainer for this program, no one is more qualified to train you than Matthew Bennett.  He's not just an author who has sold his books successfully this way. He has sold many kinds of books to many kinds of buyers in many different ways. And it wasn't because he was a well-known author or had a big list of credentials.

Matthew is the Dr. Phil of Special Sales Coaching. More than someone who's done it… more than a great speaker… Matthew is a gifted trainer who can show ANY nonfiction author the path to selling their books by the truckload. He tells it like it is in the style of Dr. Phil, and he shows you how to make what might seem impossible possible.

He owned his own training company for many years and he knows how to help people get past their belief barriers, fears, and doubts and go on to a much higher level of success.

Here's what people are saying about Matthew Bennett and his "Sell Books By The Truckload" System:


"Since working with Matthew Bennett and his Sell Books by the Truckload Program, all kinds of wonderful things have happened to me that I never envisioned possible. Working with Matthew has really catapulted me into a different world and he is constantly opening doors in my brain. You see I always thought small but with Matthew’s coaching and encouragement I now think a lot bigger. I now have my book in a high-end accessory and stationery chain in my local Boston area.

Anne Jolles

A large cosmetics firm included my book in a new product promotional mailer to all New York beauty editors. A large marketing firm is test marketing it to their clients for motivation and inspiration. A major retailer is considering using it in their human resource department.

I partnered with a large local day spa and did a workshop with them and they also sponsored a book sale with all proceeds going to charity that got me in front of a lot of people who can potentially hire me as a coach.

The American Cancer Society and a local women's hospital have put my book in their libraries and a lot of people are seeing it there. Four major Boston area hospitals now sell it in gift shops.

      My book is also now available for sale on a major life coaching website, day spas, yoga studios, coffee shops, health food stores, wellness centers, boutiques and schools. It's just so exciting to think of all the things that are possible and all of the things that have changed for me since working with Matthew Bennett. When I first started the program, I really was a different person. I'm now much more courageous. I have learned to really enjoy the marketing and sales end of this and I love what I'm doing. There is just so much potential and things are percolating for me. I have seeds planted all over the place and I'm looking forward to 2009 to see what else opens up for me."--Anne Jolles, Life Coach and author of Rise and Shine Anytime: Simple Questions to Wake Up Your Life 

Discovered the step by step formula for selling books in volume.
“I am very grateful to have had the chance to learn from Matthew Bennett.  Matthew walks his talk, he actually has sold books by the truckload and still does so today.  This is not something he did 20 years ago, this is something he’s still doing today.  And if you really want to take your book to that level where you are actually selling hundreds, thousands, millions of books as opposed to maybe being successful at 20,000 or 30,000 then Matthew Bennett has the exact strategy.  It’s a step by step formula.  You just plug your information into the formula.  You can send it out to different companies and corporations and he gives you all the tools necessary.”
Dr. Jeff Hockings, Author of Send Your Doctor Packing

"Worth every penny and more! My book, Patricke Peartree, A Modern Day Johnny Appleseed encourages corporations and individuals to go green and feed the needy by edibly landscaping whatever property they have and donating the food to local food banks.  I knew how to write the book based on my PR background.  I self-published it.  I didn’t want to stumble and bumble my way into corporations – I knew that is how I wanted to go – to sell it to them.  So I needed to have a professional presentation.  Most seminars that you go to are a little too top heavy on the philosophical and motivational aspects and you don’t get anything usable on the backend.  This program gave me exactly the professional presentation skills that I needed to approach corporations and it’s about the best seminar I have ever attended. Because of that and I feel very good about it - it was worth every penny and more." Mike Mutual, Author of Patricke Peartree, A Modern Day Johnny Appleseed

"It exceeded my expectations…acquired skill to approach book buyers. I’ve been promoting my books for awhile but coming to this conference has really given me some incredible tools to use to further what I am doing.  I acquired knowledge of how to approach bulk book buyers and specific tools that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else.  It gave me some specific ways of approaching people, ways of presenting my book, marketing it, getting publicity.  It exceeded my expectations.  I’ve hit a homerun here.  Whether you have a book that’s just a concept and isn’t finished yet or you have books that are already done, I would highly recommend that you come to a seminar.  I am not getting paid to say this." Tim Moshansky, Author of The Easy Guide to Hockey Terms and The Easy Guide to Film Terms

Here's what you'll get from the
Sell Books By the Truckload Coaching Program

We're going to arm you with everything you need. Here are just some of the things you'll have when you've gone through the program:

  • You'll have a real game plan for where you're going – a step-by-step road map you can follow.
  • You'll have a list of at least 30 – probably more like 60 - 100 – companies to go after.
  • You'll have practiced what to say – either by phone, fax or email – to get through to the decision-maker.
  • You'll have your one-sheet – a key document you'll need to open the door.
  • You'll be on your way to creating your presentation binder to land the deal.
  • You'll have practiced your presentation – so you can make it on the phone or face to face – without powerpoint or any fancy-shmancy software.
  • You'll have sample documents, proposals, pitch letters, and contracts you can use as models to create your own.
  • You'll have the knowledge you need to be flexible in pricing, printing, design, distribution – all of this gleaned from the case histories you'll be shown.
  • You'll know how to turn a maybe into a definite yes – just by suggesting a few things and asking a few questions.
  • You'll be more equipped to do these kinds of deals than the average person who works at a major publishing house – that's how thorough this training is going to be.
  • You'll have a network of contacts already in place – because you'll be networking with the other coaching members.
  • Perhaps most importantly – you'll be reeking with confidence and excitement about actually doing it. You'll feel prepared and inspired. You'll have actually practiced everything and be feeling ready to go.

More feedback about Matthew Bennett and the "Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program"

"Matthew Bennett's course, How to Sell Truckloads of Books, is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Matthew shares a tremendous amount of terrific, practical information, and lays out a specific, step-by-step plan for selling great numbers of books. He is a generous, knowledgeable and helpful teacher. Matthew taught me exactly what I needed to know to sell 'truckloads of books.' I can't recommend the course too highly!" --David Evans  

"You made my day! Not only was your unique marketing idea for my book brilliant, you super-charged my enthusiasm for finishing it. I knew it would be a challenge to come up with an enticing way to position a book whose message is more of a cautionary tale. Your creative idea to market the book to the likely buyer, rather than the likely reader--not always the same person--may just be a first in the annals of marketing history. Way to go. You are worth every penny I invested in you. Much gratitude. --Carl Weisman, author of So Why Have You Never Been Married?: 10 Insights Into Why He Hasn't Wed  


"Your personal consult was the icing on the cake. Thank you for being so generous with your time & information, and being so straight-forward with your advice." --Marina Spence, author of Career Change the Stress Free Way  


"I wanted to let you know (again) how valuable I found the Truckload training - especially now that I've had a few weeks to absorb and think about all the incredible information Matthew Bennett and others shared. As I begin to compile my contact lists, I often find myself thinking about the personal stories Matthew shared (the success and setbacks), as well as his highly practical tips and suggestions. I especially appreciated Matthew's authenticity and sense of humor. He was inspiring and entertaining!! Yesterday I had my 30-minute consult with Matthew. It was incredibly valuable and a wonderful follow-up to the seminar. He assisted me in making my one-sheet clearer and stronger, provided helpful marketing suggestions, and answered some left-over questions from the seminar. I really appreciated the individual attention! Thank you to you and Matthew for surpassing my expectations." --Sylvia Lafair-Kaufman, author of Don't Bring It To Work  

"Your course was terrific! You have the clearest, most effective approach to book publicity I’ve ever heard (and I’ve been in publishing for more than 10 years). You perfectly explained what we needed, how to write it, and how to use it. Once we got the basics, you walked us through the process of marketing our projects step-by-step. You really made it fun and gave us the tools and confidence to move forward. With your wonderful depth of knowledge, no matter what was asked, you understood the issues involved displaying insight and honesty. Your values are in the right place – we felt respected, motivated – you took us seriously, honored our ideas, and answered our questions. I also love your commitment on projects that make a difference and your exceptional generosity. Matthew, you truly walk the talk.
--Nancy Faass  

In just five teaching teleseminars, Matthew will transform you into a lean, mean book-selling machine

This is going to be more than just information and academic knowledge. The reason we're doing it as a teleseminar coaching program is we want people to actually start practicing the techniques with the other attendees. The whole experience is designed to train you… it's not going to be easy. It will push you… so if you don't really want to stretch and grow, this is not for you. This is for people who believe in what they have and are willing to take definite action to make their dreams come true, once they're shown proven steps they can take.

Remember, it's one thing to know how to do something; it's another to be fully trained and confident to actually DO it. So our goal isn't just to give you all the information you need. We'll do that. But our real goal is to get you up and running where you have everything – the knowledge, the confidence, and the tools – to start making things happen.

During the Sell Books By The Truckload
Coaching Program
you'll also learn …

  • How to sell lots of books by just contacting three companies a day.
  • How to quickly build a list of companies who are candidates to buy your book in mass quantity and how to prioritize them.
  • Five different ways to find the decision-maker and get through to him or her.
  • Resources you can use to find these companies and decision-makers.
  • How to research companies in less than five minutes by looking at their website.
  • How to approach companies and land deals – especially if you HATE selling – by playing the role of “educator.”
  • How you can get someone else to contact the companies for you, if that's what you want to do (but you still need to know how the process works!).
  • Ways to structure discount pricing to sell truckloads of books.
  • If you choose to call, you'll learn what to say when you get their voicemail.
  • If you choose to make the initial contact by email, you'll know the key sentences you need to communicate your message.
  • Common questions companies will ask you and how to answer them.
  • What to do (and not do) when it looks like a company is dragging their feet and what you can do to speed up the process.
  • How to fish for opportunities with a simple one-sheet that gets them to open the door and want to hear more.
  • Why you should use a fancy Powerpoint presentation only if you're meeting with executives, but you should use a presentation binder from Staples that has the five key documents to land the deal.
  • How to sell books in volume by being willing to customize your book for their needs (remember you're going to get paid in advance so you don't need to worry about the printing bill).
  • Keys to leveraging a deal into more deals, more publicity, and paid speaking engagements.
  • How to create and sell a book on the fly.
  • Which options to offer them when – like customization and special pricing to land big deals.
  • Where to find low-cost printers who do first-rate work (this one tip alone could be worth the price of the coaching program because most publishers overspend on printing!).
  • How Matthew organizes his time and list of companies, plus how he takes notes on what they said to then use that information to sell them a truckload of books.
  • How, once you sell a truckload of books, to leverage that into a whole lot of other things like passive income, paid speaking engagements, publicity, endorsements and sponsorships.
  • Matthew's system for making proposals that are “can't-lose” from the perspective of the company. He'll show you how to do deals where the company buys 100,000 books from you, but they get to write off the entire expense on their taxes. There are just so many exciting things you can do.
  • The mindset you need to make this happen.
  • How to get past fears, doubts, and all the other stuff that holds you back from getting where you really want to go.
  • And much more!

The Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program
starts Monday, October 3rd
(but don't worry if you can't make it
because all the classes will be recorded)

You’ll join Matthew Bennett from 7 pm to 9 pm Eastern on the following dates:

Monday, October 3rd
Monday, October 10th
Monday, October 17th
Monday, October 24th
Monday, November 7th

Plus, there will be two optional Q&A calls (in November) as well as one additional bonus call on getting your books into major retail chains including Wal-Mart, Target and Costco (see below for details).

All the calls will be recorded, and you’ll have full access to the recordings online 24/7 in case you have to miss a call or you want to listen to the call again. Note:  As a condition of being in the program, you'll be asked to agree not to share the materials and Matthew's proprietary methods with anyone.

During the first half of each session Matthew will teach you how to sell books by the truckload.  The last hour will be reserved for answering your questions. 

This teleseminar format will allow you to digest the information easily, implement the ideas and then submit them for feedback. After the first five sessions, you’ll be fully trained and prepared to start selling books by the truckload on a part-time basis.

You'll also get bonuses including private
one-on-one consultations with Matthew

After you have gone through the first five teleseminars of the Sell Books By the Truckload Coaching Program, we’re not going to stop helping you sell tons of books.  You’ll receive all of the following:

Bonus #1:  Two 30-minute private one-on-one phone consultations with Matthew Bennett.  Although you’ll have access to Matthew throughout the teleseminar series, he wants to personally make sure you have everything in place to implement his system.  You’ll be able to use these two half-hours as you see fit.  It’s an ideal time to get his feedback on your plan and the materials you’ve prepared.

Bonus #2:  Two bonus “Q&A Calls with Matthew Bennett”  (One hour each). After you start using Matthew’s “Sell Books By the Truckload” system, you may want to get some more questions answered.  You may want his advice tailored to your product and situation.  That’s why he is going to make himself available once again to answer any questions you have at that point.  We’ll have the Q&A calls in November.

Bonus #3:   Special teleseminar with Brian Jud on what you need to know to get your book in Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and other leading chains.  Brian is the author of several books on job hunting and one of the nation’s top experts on selling large quantities of books – usually on a non-returnable basis. In fact, he’s sold over 400,000 copies of his own books using the methods he’ll teach you. Brian Jud will show you how to sell your book by the truckload to companies like Wal-Mart and Target.  He’ll also show you how to sell to nonprofits, universities, non-traditional retailers, and Airport Stores.

Brian is an author, special sales marketing consultant, seminar leader and president of Book Marketing Works, LLC. He’s also the producer and host of the television series The Book Authority and has aired six hundred shows. As an author, Brian wrote and self-published five books on career transition that are distributed internationally and translated into Spanish.

Bonus #4 - Free Admission to Steve Harrison's Publicity Seminar.  You'll be able to attend Steve's seminar (on a date to be determined in 2012) and discover how to get free publicity for your book on radio/TV shows as well as online and in leading print publications.  The theme will be how to cost effectively reach at least a million people with your message.  Note: This seminar is different than Steve's National Publicity Summit (Steve's event is regularly $1,997.00 ... but yours free)

Steve Harrison

Bonus #5 -- Full credit toward next Quantum Leap Program. In late October we'll begin accepting applications for the next class for Bill & Steve Harrison's year-long Quantum Leap Publicity & Marketing Program which is designed to help you get to a whole new level of income and influence as an author, speaker or expert in your field. If you're accepted into the next Quantum Leap program (which starts in December 2011), we'll give you a full credit for what you invested to participate in the Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program.

Get this special bonus when you're one of
 the first 20 to enroll  

When you're one of the first 20 people to enroll in the Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program, we've made special arrangement for you to get a free listing in a catalog which reaches over 30,000 bulk book buyers. You'll reach decision-makers at a wide variety of consumer products companies, catalogs, book clubs, direct marketing companies and many more. Just ONE of these contacts could result in your selling tens of thousands of books which is one more reason to enroll in our program.

What's the price? This special training isn't inexpensive... but it'll pay for itself many times over on your very first deal

What should we charge for a teleseminar series which may not happen again and which could mean the difference between your book's ultimate success or failure? There simply is nothing like it. He will be disclosing the nuts and bolts, trade secrets and intimate details he has developed and quietly used to sell over 5 million books and make many millions of dollars. In fact, in order to be granted admission into the coaching program, you'll have to agree to use Matthew's proprietary methods only for your own use and not to share them with others.

He doesn't HAVE to do this. But he's agreed to do it this one time and there's no guarantee I can ever get him to do it again. He'll be sharing his prized secrets with those who participate. Where else can you learn from someone who has sold so many books and so many different kinds of books in mass quantity – especially someone like Matthew who does it part-time and doesn't have impressive credentials?

Think about it. Just ONE deal could easily be worth $50,000 to you. Matthew has done deals that were much bigger than that. Besides, once you know his system, you'll be able to implement it for the rest of your life and for all the books you do in the future. So can you see why I don't feel that a price of $20,000 would be unreasonable? But don't worry, that's not the price....

Enroll Now Because The Program Begins
on Monday, October 3rd

Both Matthew and I realize that most aspiring authors are on tight budgets. $5,000 would be a very reasonable price for the complete Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program, but we've decided to make it even less.

      The price of the program is $2,497, so click here now to enroll in the Sell Your Books By The Truckload Coaching Program.

If you think you “can't afford it,” read this…

Consider what these three super-successful folks did in their “early days”…

Robert Kiyosaki, the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, teaches a very powerful concept. He says you should never say “I can't afford it,” because all that does is shut off your brain so you don't have to think. Instead, say, “How CAN I afford it?” That thinking certainly has worked out for him because his book has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for more than seven years now and sold over 26 million copies!

Jack Canfield told me once that back in the early days when he and Mark Victor Hansen were trying to promote their book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, they had their credit cards maxed out and were hustling around trying to get publishers interested in their idea for a book. But one of the things they invested in – even when they couldn't afford it – was education and training. They were regularly going to seminars and workshops to learn how to be more successful.

I'm not telling you these stories to brag. At the risk of offending you, I simply want to point out an undeniable truth and it goes like this: if you don't have very much money, the very first thing you need to invest in is education and training. The person who is “cash poor” needs training and education more than anyone else. If that's your situation, you really do need to participate in the Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program, and I don't apologize for saying it that plainly.

If you don't have the money, but you are serious about getting where you want to go, you'll find a way to enroll. Remember, the price for this training program is a drop in the bucket when you realize that just ONE deal could pay back this investment many times over.

Also realize that this event will do a lot more for you than just teach you how to sell your books in quantity. It'll literally transform you into a more confident, more motivated, more focused, more determined and more successful author, speaker, and self-promoter. In the words of another bestselling author my company helped (Cynthia Kersey) you'll become “unstoppable.” What's that worth to you? Click here now to enroll in the Sell Your Books By The Truckload Coaching Program.


Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

Give the Sell Your Books By The Truckload Coaching Program a try and if you're not “wowed” by the end of the second teleseminar, you'll get a full refund on your tuition

I'm so sure you'll profit enormously from this program that I'll offer you this guarantee. If by 10 p.m. of the second teleseminar (Monday, October 10th) you're not convinced what you've already received has been one of the best investments you've made in your career as an author or publisher, then simply say so, and we'll refund 100% of your tuition. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

All I ask is that you participate in the first two calls and give the program a fair try. But space is limited, so grab your spot now in our Sell Books By The Truckload Coaching Program. 


This may be your ONLY time to learn from Matthew Bennett. He's a very generous man, but he's also a very busy man. And he can make more money doing what he knows than teaching it to others. So I can't guarantee you'll ever get a chance to learn from him again. Plus, this program has already taken many more weeks of time to put together than I estimated. I'm not sure I'll ever be offering it again. 
I guarantee you'll be very glad you did.

All the best,

Steve Harrison, Director
Sell Books By the Truckload Coaching Program

PS #1 -- Remember, when you're one of the first 20 people to enroll, you'll also get a free listing in a catalog which reaches over 30,000 bulk book buyers.

PS #2 -- I won't be surprised if you get back your entire tuition many times over the very first time you close a bulk book sale to a large company or organization so


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